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01. MAY

The 5th International Conference of Uranian Astrology

The 5th International Conference of Uranian Astrology

It was already announced in June 2009, at the 4th IUF Conference in Hamburg, Germany. Now it is official:

 The 5th International Conference of Uranian Astrology
will take place on October 23 - 24, 2010, in New York City, USA.   

The conference will be hosted by The Uranian Society, a SIG (Special Interest Group) of the NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research).
You may have already met some members of the Uranian Society in the last IUF-Conferences. For example, in Hamburg 2009, we had the honour to welcome the President of the Uranian Society - Liane Thomas Wade, who is also the Executive Secretary of the NCGR. (About NCGR: http://geocosmic.org/about/ )
The 2010 conference will be held at the SLC Center (Source of Life Conference Center), which is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, within a short walking distance from Pennsylvania Station (also known as “Penn Station”).
The conference will feature (again) an outstanding line-up of international speakers and lecture topics. In Order of appearance:

Liane Thomas Wade,
Nona Gwynn Press,
Michael Feist,
Arlene Kramer,
Dr. Lietta Catoni,
Maria Kay Simms,
David Beazley,
Faith McInerney,
Dr. Winai Ouypornprasert,
Bill Meridian,
Francine Rasenberg,
Gary Christen and
Meira Epstein. 

The conference language will be English (of course). Please follow the link for additional info about speaker profiles, lecture topics, schedule and payment.
To register, click on the link below to fill out the Conference Registration Form:
Payment can be made by check or PayPal.
For more information please contact:
Chiemi Matsumoto
Membership Secretary, The Uranian Society
Email: UranianConference2010@i-u-f.org