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14. APR

Zodiac and tennis players

– Simon Bizun
Zodiac and tennis players Here is how professional tennis players (about one hundred of them) are distributed according to their sign (Sun at the time of birth):
10. APR

Zodiac and Formula-1 drivers

– Simons Bizun
Zodiac and Formula-1 drivers

Here is how the pilots of Formula One are distributed according to the zodiac sign (Sun at the time of birth). The data used represents approximately 100 pilots actively involved in competitions for the past 20 years.

30. MAR

Ayrton Senna - just a driver or a Saint?

– Harijs Deksnis
Ayrton Senna - just a driver or a Saint? Recently released documentary1 about Ayrton and my engagement in exploring sports astrology in general and Formula 1 in particular, has spurred a true curiousity and admiration of this person. What was he like in real life can be found out by reading articles on the internet or watching the already mentioned documentary, but what was his astrological profile? That's what we will try to find out in this article.
25. MAR

Zodiac and Boxers

– Simon Bizun
Zodiac and Boxers I keep repeating, that I have equal love for all the signs of zodiac, however, from my life experience, the hardest arguments arose with “peaceful” Cancers. And then, casually glancing through the lists of professional boxing champions I see: Cancer, Cancer... Cancer again (Mike Tyson shown in the picture is also Cancer). I decided to have a closer look. And here is how boxing champions taken consecutively (about one hundred of them) are distributed according to their sign:
Determine your exact birth time (rectification) In an accurate natal horoscope all significant events of human life are represented. However, only with an accurate horoscope forecasting becomes possible. Practice has shown that only around six out of ten cases the time given by a person is his/her true birth time.
What we offer to you:
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